Bill Dunn Jr.

Bill Dunn Jr. lost his life while boating with friends on July 1, 2006. A proud member of Houghs Neck, he was truly loved by his family and friends and anyone who came in contact with him. His spirit for life and love of adventure is missed by all and this race helps keep his memory alive. A 1996 graduate of Quincy High School, Bill went on to join the Plumbers Union, Local 12. A standout for both the Houghs Neck Manets and Quincy High Football, Bill was inducted into the QHS/NQHS Football Hall of Fame in 2003.

All proceeds from the road race benefit the Bill Dunn Jr. Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship fund is used to enrich those who are in need. Some past recipients of the scholarship include Broad Meadows Middle School, Quincy High Football Players, Quincy High Students, The Houghs Neck Manets, Holy Trinity Parish, Children’s Hospital and Atherton Hough Teachers.

We invite you to run the hills of Houghs Neck along the ocean and join in the fun and festivities to keep Bill’s spirit alive.